• Empowering Disabled Kids Through Dance

    Kids who require assisted living services from a caregiver agency near Memphis are often defined by their disabilities, rather than by their abilities. Parents can meet many of their needs with the help of assisted living services, but disabled kids also need to feel capable, accomplished, and as independent as possible despite the need for home care assistance. Dance is a fun and empowering way to accomplish this. Special needs dance classes give disabled kids access to jazz, ballet, hip hop, and tap.

    Boys and girls of all ages and all ability levels can find joy in the creative expression of dance. Whether they are wheelchair-bound or limited to leg braces, kids who dance learn that they really can do anything they put their mind to. The benefits of dance aren’t just emotional, but also physiological. Dancing is excellent exercise for kids who generally can’t run around and play quite like other kids. The movements are modifiable to suit all sorts of physical limitations, and the physical activity supports muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

    Assisted Living for Kids in Memphis, TN