Identifying Goals for Home Care Transitions

Identifying Goals For Home Care Transitions

A mistake many people make when a loved one is transitioning to home care is assuming that once he or she is home that everything will be normal. In reality, your loved one is likely to have care needs that you are not accustomed to, and failing to plan for them can cause frustration. Consulting with a caregiving agency in Memphis as well as your loved one’s care team can help you determine a plan for providing the necessary assisted living services and identifying goals to encourage your loved one’s recovery.

Goals for the transition to home care can include things like increasing your loved one’s ability to walk around the block one more time each week or completing a set of daily exercises recommended by a physical therapist. The exact nature of the goals depend on your loved one’s condition, but having a recovery plan in place can prevent the need for your loved one to return to a care facility. Be sure that your in-home caregiver understands these goals as well so he or she can incorporate them into the assisted living and home health care plan as needed.

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