The Advantages of Home Care

The Advantages Of Home Care in Memphis, TN

When individuals require care due to age, disability, illness, or other reasons, families often struggle to provide the assistance they need. This is a common reason for transfers into a long-term care facility such as a nursing home. However, there is an alternative that offers advantages for the whole family. A provider of long-term care serving Memphis can assist families by caring for their loved ones without the need for institutionalization. Since in-home care providers are professionals in their field, families can rest assured that their loved ones are in good hands.

One significant benefit of elder care or hospice care within the home is that the individual maintains his or her freedom and independence. At a nursing home or other facility, the residents often do not have a choice regarding whether or not they have a roommate, and whether they can choose when and what to eat. They may be obliged to follow the institution’s schedule for activities and other events, regardless of personal choice. By arranging for in-home care, families can preserve their loved one’s independence, privacy, and dignity.

The Advantages of Home Care in Memphis, TN Safety at home is often a major concern for families, particularly as a loved one grows older. With the assistance of a home care provider, individuals have a greatly reduced risk of suffering an accident and injury when bathing, dressing, or transferring from a bed to a wheelchair. Since a home care provider can prepare the individual’s meals, there is a lessened risk of an accident in the kitchen, such as a fall or a house fire.

Research suggests that individuals who recover from illnesses at home and seniors who age in place may enjoy better overall health than those who are institutionalized. With the constant threat of infections, hospitals aren’t always healthy settings for recovery. Additionally, seniors who are placed in nursing homes may not necessarily receive close attention from overworked facility workers, which means that health problems may go undetected. Emotional health is another important consideration. An in-home caregiver provides companionship for individuals who may have trouble getting out of the home.