Making Your Home Safe for Your Loved One During Stroke Recovery

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After surviving a stroke, your family member may require in-home care as she recovers. If you’re planning on acting as a caregiver in Memphis for a recuperating loved one, you may be wondering what you should do to make your home safer.

During your loved one’s stroke recovery, it’s essential to examine your home for any obstacles that may cause her to trip and fall, such as end tables and area rugs. Make rooms and hallways as navigable as possible, leaving little room for injury. Next, consider installing grab bars in your showers and tubs. Combined with non-slip bath mats, these safety features can help prevent dangerous slips.

Additionally, speak with your loved one’s doctor about what changes he suggests, and consult an occupational therapist for recommendations. Finally, consider talking to an assisted living agency regarding the alterations that you should make. These establishments frequently offer transitional and elder care services and are familiar with what home modifications are needed for recovering patients.

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